Welcome to Cliff Compton & Mountaintop
Bluegrass Gospel Band
Members: Cliff Compton: Guitar/Vox
The lovely Renee: Mandolin/Guitar/Vox
Dave Rietz: Fiddle/Mandolin/Vox
Allen Hendricks: Banjo
Mikki Larrick: Upright Bass/Fiddle
Under The Bridge
Announcing New CD!
Titled "Under The Bridge"
1. Can't Do Wrong And Get By
2. In Your Presence
3. In Triumph
4. Amber Poison
5. The Ballad of Charlie Goodman
6. Moment Of Peace
7. It Sure Feels Good to be Living Right
8. Samson and Delilah
9. Red Delicious
10. Under The Bridge
11. Wilted Wild Flower
12. Poor Boy
13. Since I Laid My Burdens Down